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Do you know content writing is one of the ways you can make money from home which can help you generate consistent passive income month after month?

Do you know there is a Nigerian website where you can make make full time income online writing articles and get paid in Naira without Paypal account?.

If you are serious about making consistent income from the comfort of? your home without paying a dime, this opportunity is for you.

To get started, you don?t even need a website or blog . No Experience Needed. You don?t need a Paypal account either. You simply get paid in Naira.

Write articles on topics sent to you by wepaywriters.com


So, Where Do I Start?

====> You can start today.

?.but wait.

Below are some answers to the questions I asked the content manager of the site:

==> How much will you pay per article and what are the terms?

Writers will be paid by each article they write weekly, biweekly or monthly as they like.

We will give you topics to write on weekly and the more you can write the more you will make.

There is no limit to the type of articles you can write

Your duty is to research the topic and produce a quality article.

==> Is It Pay by Article?

Yes it is… You get 500 Naira for each article.

So for instance if your article is 1500 words or more, you make 500 Naira.

Now do the calculation, if you write 40 articles, you will make N20,000 right away.

Note: As easy as it seems, you have to be hardworking and consistent to be part of our team.

We will not cheat you but you must NEVER CHEAT us either by posting the article somewhere else.

All the articles submitted to us must be 100% unique and pass copyscape.

If you copied someone else article, it will be rejected.


You must have excellent command of English Language and Ability to write engaging contents.

All articles written must be original and never copied from any other site.

We have software that constantly check each article for originality.

Upon payment, we get full right to the article meaning, you are not allowed to share or post this article anywhere.

Violation of this policy will have your contract terminated by us immediately and you may face the court.

We are hiring you on a trust basis and once the trust is violated, your contract will be cancelled.

Ready to Join Our Team?

If you have what it takes to write grammatical error free articles, this is the right opportunity for you.

==> Cool. So, what is the minimum earning before payment can be issued out?

The minimum is N5000 but in special cases when you need money, we can bend this rule for you

==> So, the more articles writers publish, the more money they can make?

Yes. That?s very correct

In Conclusion

Don’t be fooled by opportunities that sound too good to be true, if you want to make consistent money, we are here for you.

We are God fearing people, so we will not cheat you, be rest assured that all your earning will be given to you right away.

There is nothing to be afraid for.

And if you have paypal account, you can even get your money faster.

How To Apply

This is the final stage.

If you think you have what it takes to join our team, then write 2 unique articles (minimum 500 words) on any subject of your choice and send it to uniquecontentpro@gmail.com.

Your articles will be reviewed, once we fall in love with your style,? you will be contacted with the next step.

Opportunity For Advancement

Wepaywriters.com has opportunity for advancement for writers who win our gold award.

This means, we will hire you permanently, will increase your pay as you join our team of Golden authors.

The only requirement for joining our gold team is that you must have written at least 100 engaging articles for us with little or no grammatical error.

Once you have pass that benchmark, you have set yourself up for success.

We will automatically increase your pay scale and assign you a team manager.

And you will have the opportunity to connect with other writers all across the world.

Count yourself lucky to join our team of writers.

Your partner in success.