Freelance Writing Jobs In Nigeria 2020: We Pay Writers Modes Of Operation In 2020

freelance writing jobs in nigeria 2020

Freelance Writing Jobs In Nigeria 2020: We Pay Writers Modes Of Operation In 2020

We have good news for all freelance writers in Nigeria this year.

Due to overwhelming project on our end, we have decided to change our mode of operation and it is very simple.

You no longer need to apply for any job again.

When we announce need for writers , all you have to do is to request for article with a sample write up of 500 words (send request to

We will access your sample write up andĀ If your sample write up article is accepted, you will start working for us the same week.

Note: We check the sample write up for plagiarism also to ensure you did not copy it somewhere else.


However there are requirements for starting a write up job for us.

(1) You must be a Nigerian citizen or a resident of Nigeria with Bank account that we can pay to in Naira

(2) You must be a dedicated writer with fast turn around time . Because we currently have over 500,000 articles for write up, we require dedication on the part of our writers.

(3) Be ready to accept bi weekly payment. We no longer pay weekly and our new minimum payout is 3000 Naira. Be rest assured that we don’t owe any of our writers.

(4) Your article must pass plagiarism test using our in house custom software before we release payment. – We do not pay for articles that failed plagiarism test as our client requires that each article be unique.

(5) You must be proficient in writing different types of articles which are not limited to natural health, business ideas, self help, skincare, breaking news,etc.

(6) Be willing to accept N500 per article of 1500 words or more. Our best writers write more words and that is why we retain them and contact them when new opportunities surfaces.

(7) Good Turn around time. The recommended turn around time for each article is 2 to 3 days but if you can write more articles, we will appreciate it.

(8) Follow our writing procedure and don’t deviate. All our writers follow a set of writing procedure that is organized and simple. We will send this instruction to your for each article.

(9) Don’t copy someone else’s article, ensure all articles are written uniquely by you.

(10) Persistence: Our best writers today are the persistent ones who understand that our company is very busy so they keep writing to tell us of their availability.

Note: If you ever want to become one of our best writers, don’t ever give up or stop writing us. Administrator works with a group of 10 article editors who also assign articles to over 1760 writers weekly so it is overwhelming on our end.

Your ability to keep checking with us will help put you on the top of our list for current and upcoming projects.

With this in mind, 2020 will be our best year together if only we can work together.

Thanks for your understanding.


So to get started, send a sample article (skincare, natural health, Nigeria, self help, business ideas) of 500 words or more to and request for article.

We will access your sample write up, check it for plagiarism and take it from there.

[Our Current Niches: Skincare, Natural Health, Nigeria, Self Help, Business Ideas, General Lifestyle, How To Articles and many others]